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IdEP hosts research centers connected to specific disciplinary areas of the institute, offering well-focused research activity/outcomes, in collaboration with the scholars in other institute or faculties, and with international scientific partners. Closely linked to public and private institutions, the research units carry out scientific projects addressing demands for immediate high-quality solutions at local, national, and international level.



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    • 14.05.2018: Doctoral Course in Health Economics and Policy
    • 28.03.2018: Research Seminar in Economics - Gianmaro León, ...
    • 26.03.2018: Research Seminar in Economics - Bo Honoré, "Selection Without ...
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    • 11.02.2016: L'associazione PPP sbarca in Ticino
    • 20.10.2017: Swiss Aging and Healthcare: Lugano promuove il settore delle ...
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