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The Institute of Economics - IdEP is actively involved in the academic teaching on all three levels of the Bologna system: bachelor courses, master courses and postgraduate courses (PhD). These courses are taught in Italian or in English depending on the type of course and on the composition of the class.

Events & Seminars

    • 28.05.2019: Seminario IdEP "Mandated Sick Pay: Coverage, Utilization, and ...
    • 21.05.2019: Seminario IdEP "Creating New Positions? Direct and Indirect ...
    • 20.05.2019: Swiss Workshop on Local Public Finance and Regional Economics
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    • 11.02.2016: L'associazione PPP sbarca in Ticino
    • 20.10.2017: Swiss Aging and Healthcare: Lugano promuove il settore delle ...
    • 12.04.2018: Prof. Thomas J. Jordan, "Challenges facing the Swiss National ...
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