Seminars organised by IdEP

Università della Svizzera italiana, Via G. Buffi 13 - Lugano


Research Seminar in Economics

IdEP Institute

12:15 - 13:15

Room 408 in the Main Building

2018 - 2019






25.09.2018 Opportunity and Inequality across Generations Winfried Koeniger 408 PDF
02.10.2018 Optimal Taxation in Occupational Choice Models: An application to the Work Decisions of Couples Nicola Pavoni 408 PDF
09.10.2018 Competition Policy for Exclusionary Pricing: Experimental Evidence Catherine Roux 408 PDF
16.10.2018 Increasing Community College Completion Rates among Low-Income Students: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluation of a Case Management Intervention Melissa Kearney 408 PDF
17.10.2018 Message and Environment. A Framework for Nudges and Choice Architecture Abstract Ivan Moscati 408 PDF
23.10.2018 Estimating the Gains from Trade in Frictional Local Labor Markets Jeanne Tschopp 408 PDF
30.10.2018 Skill-biased Agricultural Technical Change, Industrial Specialization, and Endogenous Growth Joan Monras 408 PDF
06.11.2018 When experimental treatments cause complex responses Conny Wunsch 408 PDF
13.11.2018 Intergenerational transmission of education: Evidence from the World War II cohorts in Europe Enkelejda Havari 408 PDF
27.11.2018 Biased Media and Local Policy Choices: Evidence from Fox News Channel Elliot Ash 408 PDF
11.12.2018 Migration, Better Products and Trade: Evidence from the Swiss-EU Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons Andrea Ariu 408 PDF
18.12.2018 Transparency and collateral: central versus bilateral claring Francesca Carapella 408 PDF
18.02.2019 "Testing the Internal Validity of Compulsory School Reforms as Instrument for Years of Schooling"   Margherita Fort 408  PDF


Federico Revelli 408  PDF
12.03.2019 The Effects of Partial Employment Protection Reforms: Evidence from Italy Raffaele Saggio 408  PDF
02.04.2019 Efficiency and Equity Effects of Place-Based Policies: Evidence from Capital Subsidies in East Germany Sebastian Siegloch 408  

Liberation Technology: Mobile Phones and Political Mobilization in Africa

Marco Manacorda 408 PDF

Patents to Products: Innovation, Product Creation, and Firm Growth

Salomé Baslandze

408  PDF

Occupation Growth, Skill Prices, and Wage Inequality

Hans-Martin von Gaudecker 408   PDF
07.05.2019 Event studies, the random walk hypothesis and risk spreads: What role for central bank sovereign bond purchases in the euro area? Ansgar Belke 408   PDF
14.05.2019 Is Early Intervention Forever? The Educational Returns from Socio-Emotional Skills Training Ulf Zoelitz 408   PDF

Creating New Positions? Direct and Indirect Effects of a Subsidized Apprenticeship Program

Patrick Premand 408   PDF

Mandated Sick Pay: Coverage, Utilization, and Welfare Effects

Nicolas R. Ziebarth 408   PDF