Executive education

Net-MEGS Master of Advanced Studies in health and socio-medical economics and management

Net-MEGS, MAS in health and socio-medical economics and management is an extra-occupational master program offered by the Università della Svizzera italiana and designed for professionals of the health and socio-medical sector and for young graduates from various faculties. Because of the 9 years experience in education of senior management for the national and international market, Net-MEGS is now associated to the Swiss School of Public Health. The Swiss School of Public Health is a new interuniversity institution with merged competences in health economics and public health.

Home page: http://www.net-megs.usi.ch
Laura Martignoni
University of Lugano - Net-MEGS
Via Giuseppe Buffi 13 - CH-6904 Lugano (TI)
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Email: laura.martignoni@usi.ch